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SSeptember 5, 2018

Chairman Harlan Barkley called the meeting of the Board of Commissioners for the LGLP&RD to order at 7:00pm.  Present Treasurer Dick Schneider, County Representative Katie Mehn, Green Lake Township Representative Tom Zick,  Jim Clark Secretary . There were three residents in attendance.

PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE – All stood to say the Pledge of Allegiance.

APPROVAL OF AGENDA – Motion by Schneider and second by Mehn to approve agenda. Motion carried.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES – Motion by  Schneider and seconded by Mehn to accept the August  minutes with a change under Unfinished Business. The fifth sentence should read “Derek is taking measurements of the Hwy. 44 pond and will do calculations on how much needs to be removed”.  Motion carried.

FINANCIAL REPORT – Schneider presented the financial report for August 2018. He noted the main difference between last year and this year is the mortgage and spraying reduction this year.

August Building Debt Service Fund Account Balance is $7,634.59, Debt Service Fund Account Balance is $13,325.93, Equipment Repair and Replacement Fund Account balance is $8,,405.45, General Checking Account had deposits totaling $36,616.94, expenses were $5,579.93, leaving a balance of $135,066.64. Savings account balance $46012.57.

SEWER FINANCIAL REPORT – Financial report for August 2018.  August General Checking Account expenses were $7,552.32, Transfer from savings $15,000.00. The balance is $13,708.53.  Savings Account deposits were $20,959.58 Transfer to checking $15,000.00.  The balance is $380,090.30. CMAR balance is $17,249.91 Environmental Fund loan balances are $883,807.40 and $21,609.10.

UNFINISHED BUSINESS:  Lake planning progress.  Harlan talked with Ted at DNR to and followed up on comments made by Ted. Awaiting Dave Bartz input on the report now.

Lake Management Plan Implementation Oversight - Harlan stated nine of the twelve action items are already being worked on. Gale Sweet is completed an article on shoreland plants for healthy lakes.

Grinder station repair is scheduled for the end of October. Residents at the end of South Kearley will be notified.

Maintenance repairs on the district property by the weed cutters will be done late fall.

AIS Prevention: Additional articles may be added by Anna Cisar.  

Blue Green Algae Update: Six weeks and still going. Harlan sent out numerous communications over the past month.  Harlan is on the City Agenda to identify the process and approach they would like to implement for the beach area.

LGLPRD Face book site update- It has grown from 62 to 128 friends. The blue green algae continued to create interest.

NEW BUSINESS –  Manure runoff from the farm on Hwy 44.  Farm has been visited by WDNR and Green Lake County employees.  Still not cleaned up.

OTHER BUSINESS: Mike Ross talked with Landmark about having a fuel container down by the weed harvestors.  Landmark referred Mike to Schaeffer Oil to look into a Portable fuel system.  Schaeffer Oil recommended a dual wall tank with a 300 gallon capacity.  Motion made to purchase a portable fuel system for up to $2500 made by Zick and seconded by Schneider.  Motion carried.

Harvestors will be pulled in the next few weeks.

Conveyor will be hauled back to be stored inside for the winter.

Slow No Wake:  Put a recommended No Wake in place prior to the weekend.  Then on the weekend the state put in a state of emergency so the county Sheriff put postings up that are enforceable.  


Motion to adjourn meeting by Zick and seconded by Mehn.  Motion passed.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:13.

NEXT MEETING:  October 3, 2018 AT 5:00