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October 3, 2016

Chairman Harlan Barkley called the meeting of the Board of Commissioners, for the LGLP&RD to order at 5:00 pm. Present: Treasurer Dick Schneider, Secretary Renee Braun, County Representative Katie Mehn, Township Representative Tom Zick. Excused absence for Lake Liaison Mike Ross. Invited guest Carol Willick from Insurance Services Inc. was present.

No residents attended.  

PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE – All stood to say the Pledge of Allegiance.

APPROVAL OF AGENDA – Motion by Schneider and seconded to approve the agenda. Motion passed.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES –Motion by Zick and seconded to approve the minutes of

September 14, 2016. Motion passed.

FINANCIAL REPORT - Schneider presented the financial report for September 1, 2016. General Checking Account Balance is $100,189.57, Savings Account Balance is $53,899.66, Debt Service Fund Account Balance is $13,067.71, Equipment Repair & Replacement Fund Account Expenses Balance is $8,242.57, Building Debt Service Fund Account Balance is $7,486.65, and Garbage/Recycle Account Balance is $10,566.52. Schneider stated that the income from garbage/recycling makes the difference from Net Worth from 2015 compared to 2016. Schneider will invite Advanced Disposal Representative to the meeting in December to evaluate the District’s contract with them. Schneider stated that Lake Links WI Lakes dues are being requested. Discussion on the value of being a member for the cost of $750.00.  Barkley stated that the information we receive via e-mail could be acquired by going to their website. Motion by Braun and seconded to not pay the dues this year. Motion passed. Financial report was filed for audit.

SEWER FINANCIAL REPORT – Mike Ross e-mailed Barkley the financial report for the Sewer Accounts for September 30, 2016.  General Checking Account Balance is $12,222.28, Savings Account Balance is $426,308.98 CMAR CD Balance is $17,112.86, Environmental Fund loans: $976,873.12 and $31,491.36. Barkley questioned the disbursement of $5,059.80 for a lift station repair. Braun will contact Ross for clarification. The report was filed for audit.

INSURANCE REVIEW – Carol Willick from Insurance Services Inc. handed the breakdown of the equipment and property insurance policy.  She stated that the workmen’s comp. premium went down to $512.00 and the liability policy at this point is $4,466.00 the same as last year. She will let the board know if it changes. Property, building and equipment premium went up $22.00.  It also covers the sewer equipment and damage failure due to the weather. Total difference in the cost of last year’s premium is $5.00.  Carol will send the final quote in October.

UNFINISHED BUSINESS - LAKE PLANNING PROGRESS – Barkley said they are finishing up with the survey.  It ran for five weeks and received 96 participants which is 33% of the District.  Jessica Whitman from Onterra will evaluate the results.  Onterra will have a meeting in December or January with the planning committee.

NUISANCE WEED (PIER SPRAYING) PERMIT – Braun reported that we have not received a refund from the DNR for permit fee. She will contact them next week. We will calculate the refund for each pier that was not sprayed and apply it to their garbage/recycling fee.

FERNWOOD LEASE FOR PUMP HOUSE – Barkley and Schneider worked with Atty. Rosenfeld in making additions to the lease.  Donna will share it with the other Fernwood LLC members. He plans to have it signed by the next meeting.

HARVESTER ELEVATOR – Barkley has not heard from Aquarius regarding the consignment sale of the elevator.  He will contact Mike Ross.


INTERNAL AUDIT – The board chose January 25, 2017 at 2:00 at the Town Hall for an internal audit.

FISH STOCKING – The signs stating that the District's portion of the donations at the public landing will go towards fish stocking have not been posted yet. Barkley stated that on September 21st  there were 466 musky stocked by the DNR.  Half of them were pellet fed and half were minnow fed. Early in October they will have a shock study performed on the lake primarily for the musky population.  Barkley is working with Fishing Friends Forever club to stock Walleye, Perch and maybe Crappie.

EMERGENCY ACTION PLAN UPDATE –Barkley has updated some of the information in the plan.  Mike Ross will be the Hwy 44 Dam operator instead of Braun.  Braun will update the plan as soon as Barkley has completed the changes.

HWY 44 DAM INSPECTION – Ross checked the dam after four inches of rain received last week. The dam was in good working order.

CORRESPONDENCE – The insurance provider will send a compiled information list if the District wants it. Barkley stated that a file should be put together with data sheets. Schneider will follow up on gathering the information.


ADJOURN – Motion by Zick and seconded to adjourn the meeting at 6:10 pm. Motion passed.

NEXT MEETING: November 9, 2016 AT 5:00 PM (WINTER HOURS)

Renee Braun - Secretary