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November 8, 2017

Chairman Harlan Barkley called the meeting of the Board of Commissioners for the LGLP&RD to order at 5:00 pm.  Present: Treasurer Dick Schneider, Secretary Renee Braun, Township Representative Tom Zick, County Representative Katie Mehn and Lake Liaison Mike Ross. There were two residents in attendance.

PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE – All stood to say the Pledge of Allegiance.

APPROVAL OF AGENDA –  Motion by Schneider and seconded to approve the agenda.  Motion passed.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES – Braun read the updated Rezoning of Lake Property, to include the property owner’s name.  Motion by Mehn and seconded to include the update and accept the minutes. Motion passed.

FINANCIAL REPORT – Schneider presented the financial report for November 1, 2017. Building Debt Service Fund Account Balance is $7,539.78, Debt Service Fund Account balance is $13,160.43, Equipment Repair & Replacement Fund Account balance is $8,301.05, General Checking Account had deposits totaling $85,828.02, the expenses were $4,644.16, interest income of $7.69 and transfer from savings $8,842.00 leaving a balance of $85,828.02. Savings account balance $45,440.09.  Garbage/Recycle Savings Account had deposits totaling $4,725.00 There were no withdrawals. The balance is $19,135.98. Schneider stated the transfer from savings to checking was to pay for the purchase of a pontoon and trailer. The difference of $6,800.00 net worth in 2016 to 2017 is due to opening a separate garbage savings account and early payment $1,500.00 to Fernwood Campground for rental space of the aerator pump house in 2016. Report filed for audit.

SEWER FINANCIAL REPORT – Ross submitted financial report September and October. As of October 31, 2017, the General Checking Account expenses were $18,152.58, there was a transfer from savings of $14,000.00, no income reported. The balance is $16,144.28.  Savings Account deposits were $16,332.53, transfer to checking of $14,000.00, the balance is $388,220.78. CMAR CD interest income was $1.57, balance is $17,170.37, Environmental Fund loans balances are $931,196.69 and $26,623.25. Ross stated there was a $13,550.94 treatment fee from the City of Markesan in October and 10 replacement grinder pumps were purchased in September for $27,193.00. Both reports were filed for audit.


LAKE PLANNING PROGRESS – Barkley reported that there was a meeting in October with Onterra.  The meeting was productive hitting on five key goals.  There will be additional meetings to continue the planning. The District will not get reimbursed from the DNR until after the end of the year.

HARVESTER ELEVATOR – No offers to purchase have come from Aquarius.

EMERGENCY ACTION PLAN UPDATES – Barkley will complete it this fall and winter.


BERG PROPERTY – ELECTRIC INSTALLATION BID – Robert Berg, a new property owner requested the removal of the electric pole and the sewer electric service post, from their property.  The electric company relocated the pole, but the District has an easement for the sewer meter socket and pedestal.  Ross submitted the survey photos as well as bids to have the post relocated at the cost of the property owner.  He also submitted the e-mail correspondence stating that Mr. Berg decided not to relocate the sewer equipment.

MAINTENANCE OF EQUIPMENT BEFORE STORAGE – Ross reported that the harvesters, buoys, piers, new pontoon, and trailer have been maintained and stored.  The aerator has been turned off and winterized.  Ross also contacted the original engineering company, Robert E Lee and acquired the reference numbers associated with the lift grinders.

Ross will also report to the DNR that there have been no loads of harvested weeds this year.

HWY 44 DAM INSPECTION REPORT FOR DNR – Ross will complete the inspection report and submit it to the DNR. Mehn will contact Paul Gunderson regarding the replacement of a staff gage (water level ruler) at the dam.

PROPERTY OWNERS DIRECTORY – Braun reported that the book will be fully funded by the advertisers. The ads have been sent to the printer. She will also review and update any county phone numbers etc. Diane Schneider will finalize the address information and submit it to the printer.

CORRESPONDENCE – This District received a thank you card for Norton’s Dry Dock for the purchase of the pontoon and trailer. Also, a letter from Hawkins Ash CPAs offering their services and a letter from Createscape Landscaping offering their landscaping services.  

OTHER BUSINESS THAT COMES BEFORE THE BOARD – Barkley reported that Fishing Friends Forever Club and the District will stock Fathead Minnows and Crappies this month. Barkley also stated that Jim Clark will scribe the minutes during Braun’s absence from January through March. Schneider announced that he will not be available for the January meeting as well. The board decided not to have a January meeting.  Zick stated that he will be unable to attend the December 13th meeting.

ADJOURN – Motion by Zick and seconded to adjourn the meeting at 5:39 pm. Motion passed.

NEXT MEETING:  DECEMBER 13, 2018 at 5:00 p.m. (winter hours)


Renee Braun - Secretary