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November 9, 2016

Chairman Harlan Barkley called the meeting of the Board of Commissioners for the LGLP&RD to order at 5:00 pm. Present: Treasurer Dick Schneider, Secretary Renee Braun, County Representative Katie Mehn, Township Representative Tom Zick and Lake Liaison Mike Ross. Three residents were present.

PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE – All stood to say the Pledge of Allegiance.

APPROVAL OF AGENDA – Motion by Schneider and seconded to approve the agenda. Motion passed.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES –Barkley noted that the date for the audit should be changed from 2016 to 2017. Under Fish Stocking the sign should state “the District’s portion of donations”. Motion by Mehn and seconded to approve the minutes of October 3, 2016, with corrections. Motion passed.

FINANCIAL REPORT - Schneider presented the financial report for October 31, 2016. General Checking Account Balance is $81,495.17, Savings Account Balance is $53,918.49, Debt Service Fund Account Balance is $13,072.27, Equipment Repair & Replacement Fund Account Expenses Balance is $8,245.45, Building Debt Service Fund Account Balance is $7,489.27, and Garbage/Recycle Account Balance is $10,572.80. Schneider reported the District paid the third quarter bill to Onterra for the Lake Plan work. The District contributed the Fishing Friends Forever club $2,000 toward fish stocking. Financial report was filed for audit.

SEWER FINANCIAL REPORT – Mike Ross submitted the financial report for the Sewer Accounts for October 1, 2016.  General Checking Account Balance is $3,360.52, Savings Account Balance is $443,683.06, CMAR CD Balance is $17,114.23, Environmental Fund loans: $976,873.12 and $31,491.36. The September disbursement of $5,059.80 for normal ware and replacement cost of a lift station. Additional hook up cost for the lift station totaled $736.80. The City of Markesan treatment fees went up to $8,124.96. Ross stated that Vandys paid back sewer taxes of $5,650.20.  The report was filed for audit.

INSURANCE QUOTE – Carol Willick from Insurance Services Inc. contacted Schneider and asked if the District would like to pay an additional$150.00 for auto MEDICAL insurance coverage of $1,000.  Discussion ensued. Motion by Schneider and seconded to reject auto medical insurance for 2017-2018. Motion passed. Schneider submitted the Projected Renewal Summary he received from Carol Willick.  Motion by Schneider and seconded to accept the projected 2017 premium for Worker Compensation, Liability, Property and Boiler/Equipment Breakdown, and Inland Marine coverage totaling $6,953. Motion passed.

UNFINISHED BUSINESS - LAKE PLANNING PROGRESS – Barkley is waiting for the preliminary results of the survey from the residents.  Jessica from Onterra said Barkley should not share the information with any others until a meeting is held with the Lake Planning Committee in February or March, 2017.  Barkley will try to get approval to share the survey results with the Lake Planning Committee sooner.

NUISANCE WEED (PIER SPRAYING) PERMIT – Braun received a refund check from the DNR, for the pier acreage not treated. Ross will credit residents who signed up, but did not get their pier area sprayed $27.30 for each pier. The credit will get applied to their 2017 garbage/recycling fee. Barkley would like to discuss organizing nuisance weed spraying at the December meeting.

FERNWOOD LEASE FOR PUMP HOUSE – Barkley stated the lease has been signed by all three LLC members and two District board members.  Attorney Rosenfeld will submit it to Green Lake County. The lease is in effect until 2018.

HARVESTER ELEVATOR – Barkley has not received a contract from Aquarius regarding the consignment sale of the elevator.  

MACHANICAL HARVESTING RECORD TO DNR – Ross submitted the harvesting record to Ted Johnson DNR.

HARVESTING PERMIT APPLICATION – The harvesting permit expires January 1, 2018.


The by-laws state that the board needs to select three independent District residents to audit the books.  Barkley has several people he will ask to do the audit. They will decide on the date.


FISH STOCKING – SIGNS AT EACH PUBLIC LANDING – UPDATE – Schneider will have three signs made for each landing stating that the District’s portion of donations will go directly to fish stocking. Barkley stated that Jon Vande Brink filled out two DNR permits to stock fish.  One permit was cancelled because the DNR would not allow Perch to be stocked due to their belief of abundant Perch numbers in Little Green Lake.  The other permit will include only Northern Pike because the fishery is out of Walleye.  The fishing club will get another approved stocking permit approved for Walleye, Crappies and Minnows.

EMERGENCY ACTION PLAN UPDATES – Barkley is reviewing the plan and making changes where needed.


OTHER BUSINESS THAT COMES BEFORE THE BOARD –  Schneider reported the County did cut around the East shore retention pond this fall.  It was decided that it is too late to do a second cutting now and the County will do two cuttings per year again starting next year.  Barkley would like to start the process for a 2018 property owner’s directory. Diane Schneider and Renee Braun volunteered to start updating information. Barkley would like it on the agenda for February.

Barkley is compiling an historical time-line of the District.  He will present it at the December meeting.

ADJOURN – Motion by Zick and seconded to adjourn the meeting at 6:00 pm. Motion passed.

NEXT MEETING: December 14, 2016 AT 5:00 PM.  Zick stated he will not be able to attend.

Renee Braun - Secretary