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March 14, 2018

Chairman Harlan Barkley called the meeting of the Board of Commissioners for the LGLP&RD to order at 5:06pm.  Present Treasurer Dick Schneider, County Representative Katie Mehn,  Jim Clark subbing for Secretary Renee Braun. There were two residents in attendance.

PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE – All stood to say the Pledge of Allegiance.

APPROVAL OF AGENDA – Motion by Schneider and second by Mehn to approve agenda. Motion passed.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES – Motion by Mehn and seconded by Schneider to accept the minutes of February 21, 2018.  Motion passed.

FINANCIAL REPORT – Schneider presented the financial report for February.

February Building Debt Service Fund Account Balance is $7,577.80, Debt Service Fund Account Balance is $13,266.78, Equipment Repair and Replacement Fund Account balance is $8,342.91, General Checking Account had deposits totaling $95,856.15, the expenses were $32,581.72, leaving a balance of $135,662.91. Savings account balance $45,670.25.  Schneider commented revenue is up slightly and expenses were down slightly due to mortgage reduction.



LAKE PLANNING PROGRESS – Harlan is still awaiting the full plan from Onterra.  

HERBICIDE TREATMENT PERMIT UPDATE – Aaron is filling out paperwork to submit to four applicators for bidding. He is requesting the proposals two ways.  One includes a full treatment in Kearley Bay, same as last year and one is just the shoreline treated in previous years. The treatment process for the rest of the lake would be the same as previous years.

PROPERTY OWNERS DIRECTORY UPDATE – Final version is printed and available. Samples of the directory were handed out at the meeting.

2017 AUDIT PLANS – Nothing new to report on the audit.   April is the target for audit.

ANNUAL MEETING PLANNING –Packet will be sent out prior to the annual meeting. Items included in the packet are Annual Meeting Agenda, Last year’s Annual Meeting Minutes, State of the Lake Letter, Budget information and a copy of public notice for weeds and RSVP for the cook out.  Barkley, Schneider and Ross will meet to develop a budget for next year.

Bug Tussel proposal - Harlan has not seen the resolution template they were going to send him. Schneider made a motion to submit a letter of resolution to support Bug Tussel installing a tower for broadband in our area. Mehn seconded.  Motion carried.

Pump house lease extension – Harlan submitted lease to owners and has not heard back from all of them.

NEW BUSINESS – Nothing to report

OTHER BUSINESS:  Mehn said someone from Green Lake County may be contacting Barkley to request an update on Little Green Lake.

Motion by Schneider to adjourn, seconded by Mehn.  Motion carried  5:50pm

NEXT MEETING:  April 11, 2018 at 7pm