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December 3, 2019

Chairman Jim Clark called the meeting of the Board of Commissioners for the LGLP&RD at 6:00 pm. Present: Treasure Dick Schneider, Secretary Renee Braun, County Representative Katie Mehn, Town of Green Lake Representative Tom Zick and Lake Liaison Mike Ross. There was one resident in attendance.

Pledge of Allegiance - All stood to say the Pledge of Allegiance.

Approval of Agenda – Motion by Mehn/Schneider to approve the agenda. Motion carried.

Approval of Minutes – Motion by Schneider/Mehn to approve minutes.  Motion carried.

Financial Report – Schneider presented the financial report as of November 30, 2019. Building Debt Service Fund is $7,856.08 Debt Service Fund is $13,712.55, Equipment Repair and Replacement Fund Account balance is $17,362.25.  General Checking Account balance is $83,365.31.  Savings Account balance is $110.587.45.  The financial report was filed for audit.

Sewer Financial Report – Ross submitted reports for November 30, 2019.   The Sewer General Checking balance is $8,381.94. The Savings Account balance is 428,169.99.  The CMAR CD balance is $29,437.51.  The Environmental Fund/Commission of Public Loan balances are $834,641.01 and $16,444.52.  Ross stated that $12,000.00 was transferred from the savings account and was added to one of the CD’s to take advantage of a higher rate, the bank was offering. The report was filed for audit.

Unfinished Business: Watershed PlanningRetention Pond and Creek - Mehn the bid proposal from Derek Kavanaugh from Land Use and sent to the board for review.  Discussion ensued and the board requested additional clarification regarding the bid proposal.  Mehn will contact Kavanaugh for more information and invite him to the January meeting.

Website and District Computers –   Ross is working on the chairman’s computer. Ross stated the new website is nearing testing phase.

Harvester Maintenance – Maintenance will have to wait until spring.

New Business:

Onterra Bid for Sediment Core Sample Analysis. DNR Grant Application – Clark sent a letter to Onterra informing them that the District will wait another year before we will request a proposal for core sample testing.

Announce Lake Conference Date and Place – April 1 – 3 Braun will put a notice on the District Face Book page and the website stating that it is open to anyone, especially people who might be interested in becoming a commissioner on the board.

Trash pick-up contract – The trash pick-up contract is a three-year contract and auto renewed in June.

Guidelines and Financial Responsibilities for New Subdivisions/Developments – Clark handed out revised User Rules and Regulations with the changes from the November meeting.  He will submit them to Attorney Paul Rosenfeldt and the County for their records.

Other Business:

Annual Meeting - Braun stated that Wayside will not offer catering services after January 1, 2020.  Braun will contact local restaurants and clubs to see if they would cater.

Insurance - Schneider handed out the insurance break down from Community Insurance.  The increase was under $500.00.  Motion by Clark/Zick to except the Insurance proposal from Community Insurance. Motion Passed.

Adjourn – Motion by Zick/Braun to adjourn.  Motion passed. Meeting adjourned at 6:50 pm   


Submitted by:

Renee Braun