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Little Green Lake Protection and Rehabilitation District (LGLPRD)

News Update for Winter, 2017

This is the second in what is anticipated to be an informal and periodic update to LGLPRD property owners. This update will be posted on the Little Green Lake (LGLPRD) web site (www.littlegreenlake.com ) and distributed via email.  The initial email distribution contains about 100 addresses.  I hope to significantly expand this email distribution list over the coming months.  Anyone interested in receiving future “News Updates” can email their name and email address to: chairman@littlegreenlake.com  or call/text Harlan Barkley at (815) 218-0034.  Also, please contact Harlan Barkley if you wish to be removed from the email distribution list.

It has been a busy Fall/Winter season on Little Green Lake.  Some of the key accomplishments/activities include:

Fish stocking results for Fall, 2016 were:

o 466 Musky (DNR program)

o 168 Northern Pike, 1,000 Walleye and 1,000 Crappie

o 100 pounds of Fathead Minnows

Lake Management Planning project progress includes:

o The Onterra team has completed weed growth inspections and multiple water quality samples.

o The property owner survey was conducted from August 19th to September 23rd.  Invitations were mailed to 289 property owners.  A total of 96 surveys were completed. Onterra has consolidated the survey results.

o We will be meeting with the Onterra team on February 20th to plan for the annual Herbicide Treatment project.  

o The Lake Planning Committee will be meeting twice with the Onterra Team in mid-April and early May to review the data collected by Onterra over the past year and develop a draft Lake Management Plan.

We are developing an Historical Timeline for Little Green Lake, dating back to 1955.  Most of the data has been collected.  I am looking for a “PowerPoint Expert” to put the timeline into a nice presentation format.  If you are willing to help with this activity, please call (815-218-0034) or email me (chairman@littlegreenlake.com).

Renee Braun and Harlan Barkley will be attending the annual Wisconsin Lakes Partnership Convention in Stevens Point on April 5-7, 2017.  The agenda is filled with many interesting and informative workshops, concurrent seminars and two Keynote Addresses.  More detailed information can be found on their website at:   http://www.uwsp.edu/cnr-ap/UWEXLakes/Pages/programs/convention/default.aspx    Please let me know if you are planning to attend the convention or have any questions about it.  

An audit of the 2015 LGLPRD Financial Records will be conducted by the end of March by a special Audit Committee that was formed with three LGL property owners.  

Little Green Lake Dates to Remember:

February 24-26 – Vandy’s Annual Ice Fishing Tournament

February 25 – Lakeview Breakfast for the Ice Fishing Tournament

March 17 – Lakeview St. Patrick’s Day Celebration (11am – Close)

May 20 – The Landing’s Annual Musky Tournament

May 20 – LGLPRD Annual Meeting at 10am

LGLPRD Board Meetings at Town of Green Lake Hall -- March 15 at 5pm; April 12 at 7pm; May 10 at 7pm