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Little Green Lake Protection and Rehabilitation District (LGLPRD)

News Update for Fall 2020

This is a Lake District update to provide you with information since we last met at the annual meeting.  Most of the information provided can be found in our monthly meeting minutes posted on our website (www.littlegreenlake.com).  We worked with Onterra to help us submit the September pre-approval to the WDNR and then the actual Grant request which was due the beginning of November.  Onterra is the company that put our Lake Management Plan together and has the capabilities of doing the core sample testing next summer.  The Lake District approved this project at our annual meeting. The core sample testing must be done to determine if Little Green is a candidate for aluminum sulfate treatment.  The lake clarity is becoming worse each year.  We recently received our point intercept survey that was conducted during the summer of 2019 by the WDNR and Golden Sands.  This survey analyzes plant growth, locations and types in our lake.  The concerning issue in the report is they found no sign of plant growth in water over 10 feet deep.  We believe this is a result of the water clarity deteriorating.  For those of you who are not on the lake in the fall we usually see the water clear up by the beginning of October.  Fishing this time of year you could see bottom in 10 feet of water.  This clarity has gone down over the last four years.  I look off my boathouse deck each morning to see if the water is clearing up.  The first week of December I could only see bottom in about a foot of water due to the algae.  This algae was still present at first ice over and for the first time I saw green ice this year.  One of the concerns our WDNR Lake biologist had was referred to as perpetual algae.  He said the lake is overcome year round with algae.  He was happy we were moving forward with testing to see if we would be a good candidate for treatment.  

Time Table

2021 Core Sample testing

Early 2022 Onterra core sample testing results and cost estimates for alum treatment

2022 annual meeting.  Present results and cost of treatment and make a decision on project

September 2022 pre-approval grant submission

November 2022 grant submission due

2023 Alum treatment

Runoff issues on the Krentz farm have been ongoing.  We have the WDNR,USDA and Green Lake County involved.  The farmer did plant a cover crop this fall and planted it horizontally across the hill to reduce runoff.  This should help in the spring.

The second area we saw heavy runoff this past summer is on Lakeshore drive.  At the annual meeting I told the district there is about 240 acres that is not captured by the two existing holding ponds and that runoff comes down through the woods and crosses Lakeshore Drive.  The water can come pretty fast down through the ditch since there is about a fifty foot drop from the top of the woods to the road below.  We talked about diverting the water to our large holding pond if we could get the property owner to agree either to a long term easement or purchase of some land across the top of the woods.  The property owner was not receptive to either option so we are still working with the county to see if we may have any other options at the top of the woods.

We had the driveway into the large holding pond re-graded and added gravel late this fall. 

Our treasurer Jack looked into restructuring our loans to lock in better rates.  Due to the loans we have we cannot do that unless we borrow an additional amount which did not make sense. 

The lake has not frozen over like it normally does this year.  There is an expansion crack that runs from The Landing all the way out past Pier 28 (Vandys).  This was not a normal expansion crack since it had open water 6 to 10 feet wide in areas.  It was still open after the two coldest nights we have had this year.  Todd from The Landing has marked it with branches and Christmas tree so please be careful out there.  We also had an area outside of Lakeview that had about 40 acres open as of the week of Christmas.  The snow has covered some areas that could be very thin ice so please use caution this winter.