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This is a short explanation of  the results of the Alum Feasibility Study:

In its current state, it does not appear that an alum treatment would be feasible on Little Green Lake.  It really comes down to the CLP population’s contribution to the lake’s annual nutrient budget that makes completing an alum treatment infeasible.  In the report, we discuss that external loads have been minimized and have resulted in measured changes in the lake’s phosphorus, chlorophyll-a, and clarity.  We also discuss internal phosphorus loading from deep anoxic sediments, the shallow littoral area, and the senescence of CLP.  We know a properly dosed alum treatment could reduce the deep water loading by 90%; however, that decrease would not be noticeable in terms of water clarity due to the very large annual load added each year due to the CLP die-off.  That of course is one big reason, the other is that the properly dosed alum treatment would likely run just over a half-million dollars.

Click on the youtube presentation from Onterra.

Below is the written Study.

Below are recommendations from professional limnologist, Dr. Jennifer Jermalowicz-Jones CLP of Restorative Lake Sciences provided on 2/10/2023.

Restorative Lake Sciences  Recommendations

Alum Feasibility Study

Youtube presentation of Alum Study

Little Green Lake Protection and Rehabilitation District_RLS_Opinion_Management_2_10_2023.pdf