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Little Green Lake Protection and Rehabilitation District (LGLPRD)

News Update for Winter, 2018

This is the fifth issue of an informal and periodic update to LGLPRD property owners. This update will be posted on the Little Green Lake (LGLPRD) web site (www.littlegreenlake.com ) and distributed via email.  Anyone interested in receiving future “News Updates” can email their name and email address to: chairman@littlegreenlake.com  or call/text Harlan Barkley at (815) 218-0034.

Some of the key accomplishments/activities over the past few months include:

Sewer District Problems

o The extensive equipment and structural failures with our sewer system during the past summer were all addressed and only one equipment failure occurred during the past five months.

o We continue efforts to upgrade to our grinder station electronics to provide improved monitoring and automated notification.

Recent Lake Management Planning project progress includes:

o The Lake Planning Committee met again with the Onterra Team in mid-October to further define the lake management goals and develop a first draft of our long-term implementation plan.

o The final Lake Management Plan, Implementation Plan and additional materials are nearing completion.

o The highlights of the Lake Management Plan will be presented at our Annual District Meeting in May.

Aerator System Operation and Improvement

o The Aerator System was in operation from June through September.  

o Each of the five existing aerator tube lines were upgraded in August.  A total of 1,000 feet of new tubing was installed.  The tubing is ½” in diameter with micro-sized holes 1” apart.  We are confident that the new tubing will improve the “Dissolved Oxygen” (DO) levels in the deeper levels of the lake.  We will be closely monitoring the DO levels during the 2018 open water months.

o We are working with the Fernwood Campground LLC to extend our existing land lease for our Aerator Building by two additional years (through 2020).

 LGL Property Owner Directory

o Thanks to the efforts of Diane Schneider and Renee Braun, our new Property Owner Directory is being finalized.

o Business ads for the directory were collected that will cover the publishing costs.

o The 2018 directory will be available at our May 2018 Annual Meeting.

Fish stocking results for Fall, 2017 were:

o 1,000 Musky – 500 small fingerlings (6.3”) and 500 large fingerlings (8-10”) -- DNR program

o 19,856 Walleye – 16,174 small fingerlings (1.7”) and 3,682 large fingerlings (8”) – DNR program

o 2,000 Crappie (LGLPRD and Fishing Friends Forever)

2018 Annual Meeting Preparations

o Our meeting is scheduled for May 19th at 10:00am at Soldiers and Sailors Park, followed by a cookout.

o The postcard announcements were sent to all property owners in late December.

o The State of the Lake letter will be mailed in April along with other materials for the annual meeting.

o There is a commissioner position open for election.  The District must receive three nomination letters by April 4th for each nominee.

Annual Herbicide Treatment Process

o The planning efforts started in early February.  We will be following our documented process to accomplish each of the steps/tasks by mid-May.

Internet Connectivity

o Bug Tussel Wireless is planning to build a new broadband tower in the LGL area to provide high end broadband services to our area.  They are also planning to pursue a partial funding grant from the Public Service Commission (PSC).  The PSC is offering grants to providers that can provide broadband services to rural communities.  Their funding process involves the following actions:

Evaluate and select a site for the broadband tower.

Obtain support from area municipalities and organizations

Markesan City Council

Town of Green Lake Board


Submit grant application to the Public Service Commission by May/June 2018.

o Bug Tussel Wireless representatives will be attending the next LGLPRD Board Meeting on February 21st at 5:00pm.

2017 Financial Audit

o We expect to have the 2017 annual audit of our financial records for the Lake District and the Sewer Division accomplished by May 1st.

Harlan Barkley will be attending the annual Wisconsin Lakes Partnership Convention in Stevens Point on April 18-20, 2018.  The agenda is filled with many interesting and informative workshops, concurrent seminars and two Keynote Addresses.  More detailed information can be found on their website at:   http://www.uwsp.edu/cnr-ap/UWEXLakes/Pages/programs/convention/default.aspx    Please let me know if you are planning to attend the convention or have any questions about it.  

Little Green Lake Dates to Remember:

February 23-25 – Vandy’s Annual Ice Fishing Tournament

April 18-20 – Wisconsin Lakes Convention in Stevens Point

May 19 – The Landing’s Annual Musky Tournament

May 19 – LGLPRD Annual Meeting at 10am

LGLPRD Board Meetings at Town of Green Lake Hall – February 21 at 5pm; March 14 at 5pm; April 11 at 7pm; May 9 at 7pm

Click on the link below to find out how you can stop Zebra Mussels from traveling to to Little Green.

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