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Little Green Lake Protection and Rehabilitation District (LGLPRD)

News Update for Fall, 2017

This is the fourth of what is an informal and periodic update to LGLPRD property owners. This update will be posted on the Little Green Lake (LGLPRD) web site (www.littlegreenlake.com ) and distributed via email.  Anyone interested in receiving future “News Updates” can email their name and email address to: chairman@littlegreenlake.com  or call/text Harlan Barkley at (815) 218-0034.

Some of the key accomplishments/activities over the past few months include:

Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) Prevention

We have invested a lot of time, money, and energy over the last twenty plus years trying to control Curly-leaf Pondweed and Hybrid Milfoil.  Once an Aquatic Invasive Species enters a lake, it is very difficult to eradicate it.

Therefore, it is very important to prevent new AIS species from entering Little Green Lake.  The biggest new AIS threat to Little Green Lake is Zebra Mussels.  Zebra Mussels have already been confirmed in Green Lake and Spring Lake (just south of Green Lake).  We are at risk of this unwanted species being transferred to Little Green Lake by trailers and a variety of watercraft.

Anna Cisar is a Regional Aquatic Invasive Species Coordinator at Golden Sands.  In her role, she provides support to four Wisconsin counties, including Green Lake County.  Anna and her summer intern have written an awareness article on Zebra Mussels.  The article is attached to this email for your review and understanding.

Sewer District Problems

We have experienced many equipment and structural failures with our sewer system since the beginning of July.

Five grinder station pumps have been replaced at a cost of $2,400 each.

We have also started to upgrade our grinder station electronics to provide improved monitoring and automated notification.

One lift station was repaired for a malfunctioning contactor relay.

We also discovered that ground water was entering the sewer system somewhere along Melmar Drive.  We contracted with Speedy Clean out of Appleton to use their video equipment to identify all problems in the sewer line from Soldiers and Sailors Park to Welk’s Landing.  This service cost $3,700.

Multiple issues were found, but the major problem was related to a defective manhole and weak points in the sewer line.  Speedy Clean was able to make the necessary repairs last week.

Two of the identified issues will need to be addressed by the affected property owners.

The sewer system leaks have caused our last two quarterly sewer bills from Markesan to be higher by several thousand dollars due to significantly more water flowing through the system.

We have also purchased more spare grinder station pumps to increase our inventory in case the increased pump failures continue over the winter.

It has definitely been an expensive and challenging summer.  A huge thank you goes out to Mike Ross for his excellent support and responsiveness to address these issues!!

Water quality and aquatic plant monitoring

We conducted our normal water quality testing throughout the summer.

Water clarity stayed very cloudy all summer due to frequent rainfalls and storms.

The weed harvesters were removed from the lake on September 19th.

This was the first summer in over twenty years that weed cutting was not performed on Little Green Lake.

We also did not experience any blue-green algae bloom on the lake this summer.  This is another major positive for LGL.  We also experienced minimal green algae this summer.

Recent Lake Management Planning project progress includes:

We met with Derek Kavanaugh from Green Lake County in July to identify potential Watershed Improvements.

Onterra completed two analysis reports on potential iron and alum treatment options.

The late season Aquatic Plan Survey was conducted by Onterra on September 11th.

The Lake Planning Committee will meet again with the Onterra Team in mid-October to further define the lake management goals and develop a first draft of our long-term implementation plan.

The final Lake Management Plan, Implementation Plan and additional materials will be completed over the next 3-4 months.

We no longer expect to conduct a special District Meeting this Fall to present the formal results of the Lake Management Plan since it is still under development.  The Lake Management Plan will be presented at the May 2018 Annual Meeting.

Aerator System Operation and Improvement

The Aerator System has been in operation all summer.  Operation will continue until early October.

Each of the five existing aerator tube lines were upgraded in August.  A total of 1,000 feet of new tubing was installed.  The tubing is ½” in diameter with micro-sized holes 1” apart.  We are confident that the new tubing will improve the “Dissolved Oxygen” (DO) levels in the deeper levels of the lake.  The early test results show some immediate improvements.  The project team was Mike Ross, Mike Smoot, Andy Ross and Dick Schneider.

We are working with the Fernwood Campground LLC to extend our existing land lease for our Aerator Building by two additional years (through 2020).

Garbage pickup has consistently occurred on our normal Tuesday pickup day over the summer. Our current three-year contract with Advanced Disposal will expire on June 1, 2018.  The Board recently evaluated a contract proposal from Waste Management.  We have decided to continue with Advanced Disposal and plan to renew our contract with them in 2018.

Additional information topics:

LGL Property Owner Directory

Diane Schneider and Renee Braun have started efforts to update our directory.  The current directory was published in 2014 and is very outdated.

We are currently soliciting business ads for the directory to cover the publishing costs.

The directory will be updated and printed by April 2018.  It will be available at our May 2018 Annual Meeting.

We are still hopeful of improved internet connectivity from Bug Tussel.  They have not provided a potential timeline for expanding their coverage area to include LGL.  We are on the outer edges of their coverage area today.  Signal strength is not strong enough to provide their normal levels of performance and reliability.  However, one property owner on North Kearley Road will be trying the Bug Tussel service on a trial basis.  We will continue to monitor the situation and let you know as soon as Bug Tussel is able to provide improved services to our area.

Volunteer opportunities

A second Water Quality Monitor was needed

Brian Paddock has volunteered to work with Mike Ross on this important activity.

We will need someone with Website Development skills to help us to upgrade our LGLPRD website.  We hope to make numerous improvements to our website next year.

Harlan Barkley

Chairman, LGLPRD

Click on the link below to find out how you can stop Zebra Mussels from traveling to to Little Green.

Green Lake County’s Most ‘Unwanted’