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May 20, 2017

Proper notice for this meeting was mailed to all members. The notice published in the Markesan Regional Reporter and posted at the Markesan Library, two public places in the Town of Green Lake and our website.

Present were 62 electors and property owners, as well as Chairman Harlan Barkley, Treasurer Dick Schneider, Secretary Renée Braun, Green Lake County Representative Katie Mehn, LGLP&RD Attorney Paul Rosenfeldt, Lake Consultant for the Aquatic Management Plan Aaron Gruenewald and the District Liaison Mike Ross. Town of Green Lake Representative Tom Zick, gave advanced notice of his absence.  There was one invited guest, State Representative Joan Ballweg.

CALL TO ORDER - Chairman Harlan Barkley called the meeting to order at 10:00 a.m. He thanked everyone for coming and thanked Terry Brumirski, Dennis Lies and Dave Diamond, Larry Youngblood and Arleen Brumirski for cooking the burgers and brats and setting up for the cookout after the meeting. As well as Diane Schneider, Linda and Glen Diver at the registration table.  He thanked Representative Joan Ballweg for attending and making herself available for questions and bringing several different informational flyers. He also welcomed any new property

PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE – At the request of Barkley, all stood and recited the pledge of allegiance.

INTRODUCTION – Barkley introduced the Board as well as District Aquatic Advisor, Aaron Gruenewald and District Liaison, Mike Ross.

RULES OF ORDER – The District’s Attorney, Paul Rosenfelt informed the residents that the meeting will follow the Roberts Rules of Order. He added that all rulings at the meeting are final.

PRESENTATION OF AGENDA – A motion by Jeff Franke and seconded to accept the agenda.  Motion passed.

APPROVAL OF ANNUAL MEETING 2016 MINUTES – Motion by David Chapman and seconded to approve the annual meeting minutes from May 21, 2016. Motion passed.

2016 DISTRICT FINANCIAL REPORT – All residents received a copy of the Balance Sheet as of

March 15, 2017. Savings Balance is $54,026.09, Building Debt Service Fund is $7,504.22, Debt Service Fund is $13,098.36, Major Equipment Repair & Replacement Fund is $8,261.90, General Checking balance is $116,303.90, Garbage & Recycling Fund balance is $13,119.89.  Loan indebtedness for 2017 is the following: Refinance BCPL Loan (Scharschmidt/Shed) $79,765.91, Payoff date May 15, 2022. Harvester #2 Loan $4,370.03 pay off date May 13, 2018. Lake Lot Loan $26,422.98 payoff date May 15, 2022.  Schneider pointed out the District’s Real and Personal Property Assets valued at $800,386.25.  Motion by Glen Diver and seconded to accept the 2016 financial report and file for audit.  Motion passed.

2016 SEWER DIVISION FINANCIAL REPORT – Sewer Accounts for 2016.  General Checking Account balance is $12,423.61, Savings Account balance is $465692.39. CMAR CD balance is $17,124.11. Motion by Terry Brumirski and seconded to accept the 2016 Sewer Division of the District, Financial Report, and file for audit.  Motion passed.  

ELECTION OF COMMISSIONER – Attorney Paul Rosenfeldt stated that Dick Schneider’s commissioner position was up this year and reviewed the election process with the residents. The board must have three nomination letters for each candidate 45 days prior to the annual meeting.  Commissioner Dick Schneider was the only candidate who submitted nomination letters.  Ballots were handed out.  Rosenfeldt explained to everyone who is eligible to vote.  Linda and Glen Diver tallied the votes which were reviewed by Renee Braun and announced the results.  50 ayes and 0 no. Dick Schneider will hold a commissioner position for the next three years.  

AERATOR BUILDING PROPOSAL – Barkley explained the history of the aerator building located on the Fernwood Campground property adjacent to the property the District owns and uses to dock the harvesters.  He explained in lieu of paying rent the board is considering the construction of a building for the aerator on the District’s property thereby saving on the rental costs.  Mike Ross and Dick Schneider showed the initial building plans and are working on collecting bids.  Barkley said the consensus is that the aeration system will continue to run unless there is good data to prove otherwise.

APPROVAL OF DISTRICT 2018 BUDGET – Schneider reviewed the proposed budget for 2018. His report also detailed the 2017 approved budget and 2016 actual expenses as well as the 2018 proposed budget.  Gregg Cygnar asked if the District was expecting to receive any grant money.  Barkley stated it would depend on our need and if grant money was available. It is not included in the budget.   Motion by Jeff Franke and seconded to approve the 2018 proposed budget.  Motion passed.

APPROVAL OF SEWER DIVISION 2018 BUDGET – Residents reviewed the sewer division proposed budget prepared by Mike Ross.  It included the detailed historical proposed and actual 2016 budget and the approved 2017 budget. He explained the that the City of Markesan is in the process of raising the user fee.  The amount has not been decided. There was an increase of 3% last year. Motion by Terry Brumirski and seconded to approve the 2018 proposed sewer budget.  Motion passed.

LAKE MANAGEMENT PLANNING UPDATE -  Barkley informed the residents that Onterra was hired last year to survey and study the lake and write a Lake Plan for Little Green Lake.  He used a power point presentation to outline the resident survey and water testing results. The information will be posted on the website. Onterra will take additional water samples this summer.  They expect to give their result and Lake Plan to the lake planning committee by the end of the year.

CHAIRMAN’S UPDATE – Barkley stated the herbicide treatment was expanded to over 40 acres this year based on the suggestion of Onterra.  Barkley thanked the Audit Committee for completing their reviews for 2015 and 2016 of the District and Sewer Division Financial records.

He recapped the Annual Wisconsin Lakes Convention.  Barkley encouraged people to attend the convention as it is a great opportunity to get information regarding projects and initiatives on the area lakes.   He directed residents to the Green Lake County offices if they are planning any new shore land property changes.  Barkley has completed the history time line of the lake which reflects the event descriptions and their timeframe.  It will be posted on the web site.

SELECTION OF DATE AND TIME OF ANNUAL MEETING –Motion by Terry Brumirski and seconded to have the meeting on May 19, 2018 at the park with a cookout.  Motion passed.



ADJOURN – Barkley directed people to enjoy the cookout.  Motion by John Gardner and seconded to adjourn the meeting.  Motion passed.  Meeting adjourned at 11:38 am.

Renee Braun - Secretary