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Unapproved Annual Meeting Minutes



AUGUST 15, 2020

Proper notice for this meeting was mailed to all members. The notice was published in the Markesan Regional Reporter and posted at two public places in the Town of Green Lake, the District website and Face Book page.

Present were 25 electors and property owners, as well as Chairman Jim Clark, Treasurer Dick Schneider, Secretary Renée Braun, Green Lake County Representative Katie Mehn, District Liaison Mike Ross, and LGLP&RD Attorney Paul Rosenfeldt. Town of Green Lake Representative Tom Zick was absent.

CALL TO ORDER- Chairman Jim Clark called the meeting to order at 10:30 am.


INTRODUCTIONS – J. Clark introduced the board, District Liaison Mike Ross and Attorney Paul Rosenfeldt.  

RULES OF ROBERTS – Attorney Rosenfeldt explained that the meeting will follow the Rules of Roberts and pointed out some of the details of the rules.

PRESENTATION OF AGENDA – Motion by Alan Zastrow and seconded by Harlan Barkley to approve agenda.  Motion passed.

APPROVAL OF ANNUAL MEETING 2019 MINUTES – Motion by Alan Zastrow and seconded by Harland Barkley to accept the 2019 Annual Meeting Minutes.  Motion passed.

2019 DISTIRCT FINANCIAL REPORT – Motion by Harland Barkley and seconded by Linda Diver to approve the 2019 financial report.  Motion passed.

2019 SEWER DIVISION OF DISTRICT FINANCIAL REPORT – Motion by Kim Goes and seconded by Harlan Barkley to approve the 2019 sewer financial report.  Motion passed.

ELECTION OF COMMISSIONER – There were a total of 25 voters.  20 votes for candidate Jack Goes and 5 write in votes for Craig Muenchow.  Jake Goes the new commissioner on the board.  J. Clark thanked Dick Schneider for his many years of service.

PROPOSED 2020 PROJECT SPENDING BUDGET – The chairman informed the residence of the extensive field runoff from the Krentz farm onto Lake Shore Drive and East Little Green Lake Road this spring and summer. The State USDA is evaluating the options for the farmer to slow down the runoff and the DNR is checking on the runoff damage to the lake. The District may be able to divert the water to the existing retention pond if the adjacent landowner would consider a long-term lease on a portion of his land to dig the ditch. The voters would need to reallocate $28,000 from Miscellaneous to Runoff.  Discussion regarding turning off the Destratification System to save money ensued.  Motion by Craig Muenchow and seconded by Gail Sweet to turn off the System.  By a show of hands there were 22 for keeping it on and 3 for turning it off.  Motion failed.  

Motion by Gail Sweet and seconded by Randa Dunken to reallocate $28,000 from 2020 project spending Miscellaneous to Runoff.  Motion Passed.

PROPOSED 2021 DISTRICT BUDGET – Motion by Randa Dunken and seconded by Johnny Krebs to accept the 2021 District Budget. Motion Passed.

PROPOSED 2021 SEWER DISTRICT BUDGET – Motion by Glen Diver and seconded by Kim Goes to accept the 2021 Sewer District Proposed Budget as presented.  Motion passed.

LAKE MANAGEMENT PLAN UPDATE - J. Clark presented information as laid out in the Lake Management Plan developed by Oterra.LLC. Due to the pandemic this year there was no Destratification water testing done. Also, no additional training sessions are planned for this year. Last year invasive weeds were pulled from the lake by volunteers headed by Harlan Barkley and Lake Coordinator Ann Cizar. Clark also explained the possibility of doing an alum treatment to clear up the water.  A core testing would need to be done to see if it would work and how much alum would be needed. The initial cost would be $25,000 and with grant money would net out at $6,000 - $7,000.

Harvesting has been minimal this year, as in the past.

Bug Tussel internet service did not put up a new tower presumably because Century Link update their lines with fiber optic lines for better service.

Hwy 44 Dam needs repairs.  The engineer is drawing up a design.  There is possible grant money available to help with the cost.

The outlet for the retention pond on Hwy 44 needs be repaired.  The county is requesting bits.

Christy Ross has completed the new website.  It will go live soon.

The financial audit was completed.

Motion by Creig Muenchow and seconded Harlan Barkley to hold next years annual Little Green Lake Protection and Rehabilitation District meeting on May 22, 2021.

Motion by R. Braun and seconded by Harlan Barkley to adjourn the meeting.  Motion Passed.

Adjourned 11:30