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Aquatic Management Committee Meeting July 21, 2012

Meeting held via conference call at 10:00 am

Members present: Doug Baker, Dave Chroust, Dick Schneider, Aaron Gruenewald, Randy Brehmer

Dick asked Aaron to address the accomplishments of the committee this past year.  Aaron indicated that much has been done: 1. Purchase of 2nd weed harvester 2.Approval Aquatic management plant system-just a little over a year old 3. Continuing of the water quality testing 4. Watercraft inspection program in 2011 5. Additional acreage for treatment 6. DNR inspection done on 6/22/2011 ( Doug checking into it being done this year. Plan is to keep moving forward.

It was indicated this is our last year for our harvesting license. Will modify to add additional acreage. Do anticipate changes. Aaron will handle.

Future of the chemical treatment program is uncertain.  Grant money is very limited and thus highly competitive. Gregg Cygnar will apply for a grant.  There was a discussion of possibly continuing the treatment if a grant was not successful by having the lake district fund it.  There are approximately 250-280 households in the district.  Cost would be around $40.00.  Given the state of the current economy it might not be accepted by district members.  Future discussion till after the grant procedure.

Meeting adjourned at 10:45

Submitted by Randy Brehmer