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LGL AMC Meeting 2-04-12 10:05 AM


Doug Baker

Sally Kefer

Dave Chroust

Dick Schneider

With Consulting from:

Gregg Cygnar

Mike Ross

Information from Mike is that there will be a new DNR contact for working with the chemical analysis department regarding submissions for testing purposes. That person is not yet known.

The harvesting permit addendum submission status is yet unclear. It has been suggested that two test locations be identified for finding the best environment for good results. Locations suggested are the North East weed bed and Lake View Bay. Each are rather different in ecology and they should be one acre in size. GPS markers would be used for identification.

Harvesting may be our control method for the future. This would minimize plant decomposition of the lake bottom that replenishes phosphorus in the lake. Decomposition also depletes oxygen form the lake . Harvesting the weed biomass would significantly help the lake.

We reviewed the DNR plant survey maps and found them to be as accurate as we could find for our purpose. Doug offered that his comparison of 2011 acres treated to the DNR maps suggested that there is about 70 acres of CLP in need of some form of control. EWM seems to be somewhat under control based on maps.

Sally will draft, for approval and editing, a cover letter of purpose for treatment permits that will indicate AIS weed control methods are for lake quality and abatement of AIS for better growth of native aquatic plants.

Doug will contact Ted Monday morning.

Adjourned 11:00 AM