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Adaptive Management Committee (AMC) Minutes 12/9/2011


AMC Members in attendance:

Sally Kefer

Dave Chroust

Aaron Gruenewald

Doug Baker

Doug reviewed his discussion with Ted Johnson of 10-21-11 highlighting Ted's agreement on the following items:

- There is a need to get more sunlight to smaller lower growing aquatic plants at the lake bottom.

- The heavy bio-mass is creating a more fertile lake bottom.

- Aquatic plants are all perennials.

- There is a need for harvesting major weed stands.

Second phone call with Ted Johnson 11-30-11

- Ted acknowledged the items discussed 10-21 but gave several qualifiers that lessened our role.

- Use a test harvest area with measures to check how it is helping native plant life.

- Ted offered the using "FQI" as a measure would be good.

- Aaron questioned Ted's FQI value as correct.

- Ted was surprised with the "CLP" comeback and I referred him to Ms.Michelle E. Nault's survey cover letter explaining the CLP presence.

The above items had a lot of discussion as we covered them and found there were many questions that came up as a result.

- We should develop a 1 or 2 acre test harvest area and discussed where it should be. We thought that the east side or the south shore in the area near The Landing. It should probably be identified with buoy markers.

- What frequency should we survey the test area for recording purposes to show success of the test, a Mo, Yr, and for how long.

- Should these items be included in a 109 permit addendum or added verbiage? Aaron will discuss this with Ted and adjust the 109 permit.

There was also a discussion on the usage of the two plant harvesters. There should be a consistent use of the harvesters to keep navigation lanes open so the weekenders have clear paths to the main body of the lake. Both harvesters should be utilized to keep the lake open for users.

We want to have Ted visit Little Green Lake at least twice during 2012 to see the progress of our efforts to control weed growth. It was suggested that he be present during the Chemical treatment and later when weed growth is at it's peak.

We discussed the aerial photo that Mike had made showing GPS plots of Ms. Nault's survey results and the 250 ft contour and thought that would be better used for the treatment permit request